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About Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a truly unique variation of one of the best games in the world and some may argue that Evolution has made the game electric with the addition of even more features to the roulette wheel.

What makes Evolution’s Lightning Roulette game stand out from other versions of roulette is not only the speed at which the game is played but also the additional new features, which can add some shockingly big payouts to the wheel.

As you play Lightning Roulette, you’ll see it’s very similar to the famous European Roulette. However, alongside a live dealer host, live Lightning Roulette gives players the chance to win up to 500x their stake on a single number, which is a huge winning potential higher than many roulette tables.

Upon entry to the game, players will be introduced to a Live dealer who’ll be hand on to guide players through the game and the features that are available in-game. In terms of casino games, European roulette is a straightforward game that is made even simpler due to bets, values and rules all laid out on the screen.

However, if you’re new to Roulette, you may wish to take a look at our before you play Lightning Roulette online.

Lightning Roulette Odds

When playing Lightning Roulette online, it’s important to know the payout odds before you place any inside bets or outside bets within the casino game. Below, we’ve listed the main bets you’re likely to encounter in online roulette games and the base payout on offer.

  • 1-18 / 19-36 – 1/1
  • Even / Odd – 1/1
  • Red / Black – 1/1
  • Thirds -2/1
  • Column – 2/1
  • Line Bet – 5/1
  • Corner Bet – 8/1
  • Street Bet – 11/1
  • Split Bet – 17/1
  • Straight Up Bet – 35/1

As you can see, like other standard roulette variants, straight-up bets offer the highest payout potential in live casino lightning roulette. You’ll also notice that some game bets offer the same payouts as their neighbouring bets, so be sure to read all the game information before playing.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

Before playing Lightning Roulette online, live casino players will need to know the basics of how to get started and the difference between the original version of the game and the lighting version.

How to set your stake

When you arrive at the roulette table, players can change their stake via the expanding Total Bet value where the chips are displayed. This total bet amount can be a chance before every spin of the wheel in Lightning Roulette, which means you can alter your wagers to suit your budget.
How to Place Lightning Roulette Bets
Within Lightning Roulette online, players can place bets across the squares that they wish to play on the roulette table, and the stake will be deducted from their balance.
When placing bets, whether they are inside bets, outside bets, a single bets or a street bet. However, it’s worth noting the fewer numbers involved in the bet, the better odds on offer.

How to Spin the Roulette Wheel

There will only be a set time to place player bets, and then one of our fantastic hosts will automatically spin the wheel and release the marble once the betting time has finished. After the ball lands in the number pocket, the winning number will be announced, and any winning bets will be announced by the dealer and paid to the players.

Lightning Roulette UK Bonus Features

Unlike like other live roulette games, Lightning roulette adds some bonus features to the game, which means there is the chance for bigger payouts if a lightning bolt strikes the numbers which are on the roulette table.

Lucky Numbers

What makes this roulette game different is the additional bonus features which can be unlocked as you play Lightning Roulette. Although it’s played out like a game of standard roulette, during each round of gameplay, up to 5 Lucky Numbers can be struck by lightning, and these will add lightning multipliers to the roulette wheel between 50x and 500x your stake

The Boss Believes: Lightning Roulette Review

If you’re looking for a major reason as to why Roulette has remained one of the most popular casino games of all time, it’s because the game is incredibly simplistic and easy to learn. However, Evolution Lightning Roulette offers players something a little different from the traditional gameplay as although no other bets are placed, if the ball lands on that number in this casino game, then it could mean up to 500x your stake. So if you’re looking for something different, why not play Lightning Roulette online today for an electrifying experience?

Live Lightning Roulette FAQs

What is the highest payout in Live Lighting Roulette?

Within the base game, the highest payout is 35/1 for non-multiplied straight bets. However, this can change up to 500x your stake if the lucky numbers are active.

What numbers can I bet on in Live Lightning Roulette

Within a roulette game, players can bet on numbers ranging between 1 and 36. In some variants, including French Roulette, there is also the chance to play a straight-up bet on 0.

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