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Treasure Mine Slot Game

The Treasure Mine slot is played on a 5 reel slot with 40 paylines, and is a character-led game featuring the eccentric miner, Redbeard. Treasure Mine features 6 bonus rounds, with the main money-making bonus being the Treasure Run, in which up to 1000x your stake can be won!

Treasure Mine Slot Buttons


To view information about the Treasure Mine slot such as winning lines, bonus rounds and value of symbols within the slot.

Bet/Stake per Line

You can edit the stake in the Treasure Mine slot by selecting the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to increase or decrease the amount.


Select the ‘Spin’ button to venture underground and get digging!

Treasure Mine Online Slot Bonus Rounds

Treasure Run

When the Treasure Run bonus is triggered by landing 3 Bonus Wagon symbols, Redbeard will travel across the underground track in his minecart, collecting treasures as he goes. Golden nuggets, amethysts, emeralds and diamonds await you, how much will you make?

Dragon Wild & Treasure Strike Feature

When the Dragon Wild and Treasure Wild appear on the reels together, the Dragon will breathe fire on the Treasure Wild. This will multiply the Treasure Wilds and you can end up with either 4 or 6 Wilds!

Redbeard & Treasure Strike Wild

Watch Redbeard as he takes his pickaxe and mines the Treasure for all its worth when both symbols appear on the reels.

Dragon Wild & Redbeard Wild

When Redbeard and the ferocious Dragon land on the reels together, you’re in a for a Wild time! The Dragon will breathe a fireball and set Redbeard alight, sending him running around the reels and leaving a path of new Wilds to include in winning combinations!

Treasure Strike Wild, Redbeard Wild & Dragon Wild

When all three of Treasure Mine’s Wilds land on the reels, it’s a recipe for disaster – and potentially BIG wins! The Dragon will breathe fire on the Treasure Wild, thus multiplying the Wilds by either 2x or 3x. Redbeard will then take centre stage and mine all Treasure Wilds before the Dragon breathes fire on him and sets him alight, sending him running around the reels to create even more Wilds. The winnings from the action are then added to the combination win of Wilds and other symbols, awarding you with a chance of a very generous cash prize!

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