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Step into the Native American Indians’ tribal land in this .

The game is packed with a lot of Native American culture references with some crisp and fantastic graphics. The symbols in the game all have a different element of the theme, like the J tile symbol, which is a mix between the letter J and a boomerang, and the highest paying symbol, which is an eagle.

Totem Lightning comes with five reels and 40 paylines on four rows. It has a cascading reels feature that increases your chances of winning on a single spin.

Totem Lightning brings together a great looking game with adventure to give players a more complete game experience. Build the totem pole while you play by landing any card symbols, and you will receive an incredible bonus.

How to Play Totem Lightning

It’s not a complicated game to play. However, It would help if you remembered a few important points before starting, as the cascading reels feature.

It’s slightly different from other cascading reels games, in which matches are made from left to right, but the symbols have to have a continuous connection from the first one. If three A symbols connect, all the A symbols on all the reels will disappear and be replaced by all other symbols except the A.

This will continue with the other card symbols as matches continue to be made, and all low-value symbols are off the reels. That gives you a chance to score big with the high paying symbols left on the reels.

Set Your Stake

The minimum amount you can bet on each spin on Totem Lightning is £0.20 and a maximum coin value of £80.

At the bottom left-hand corner is where you set the coin value, and you can change this before each spin. Simply click on the Stake tab, and it’ll reveal the different coin amounts from the lowest to the highest possible bet. It’ll also show your current stake value when you minimise the tab.

How to Spin the Reels

Once you have set your bet value, you click on the yellow spin button located on the bottom right corner of the screen to start.

Totem Lightning Bonus Features

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t come with free spins or dedicated Wilds. It does boast several extras, which include the totem multiplier.

Totem Multiplier Bonus

Landing three of the golden bonus symbols will trigger the bonus. You are taken from the main reel arena to a new screen with an enormous totem pole with different prizes.

The highest bonus you can win is 1,000x your stake value, and below that is an 800x multiplier.

The totem pole has a variety of bonus prizes and different levels. You’ll have to build upon the multipliers from the bottom to get to the top and maximum.

There are smoking pipes at the bottom of the pole to the left side of the screen that you’ll select from. Each smoking pipe will reward you with a different number of steps to climb up the totem pole, and once you’re out of picks, it’ll reveal your prize from wherever you land on the totem pole.
Lighting Strike Feature

Totem Lightning has another bonus feature that makes up for not having a wild token.

At different points of the game, you’ll see lightning strike the reels, which happens randomly. It’ll hit the lower paying symbols on the reels and leave the higher value symbols giving you every chance to score big.

The higher paying symbols are the red crab, the green possum, the purple panther and a blue eagle. These have payouts from 120x to 888x your stake.

Totem Lightning: Review

It’s a great looking video slot game, with bright coloured symbols and dynamic graphics that make the aesthetics match the gameplay in regards to uniqueness.

The only downside to this game is the absence of free spins and Wilds, but it makes up for it with the cascading reels feature that removes the lower paying symbols and gives you every chance to win big. The lightning strike feature is also a plus, and the game is set to help you win big from every spin.

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