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About Stars of Orion

If you’ve ever thought that all slots look the same, you’re about to be proven wrong. Stars of Orion is an innovative, creative, and truly fascinating slot created by ELK Studios. This niche brand is known for delivering quality products, and this certainly ticks the boxes.

Surrounded by a bright night sky, the unusually-shaped eight reel slot features a number of peculiarities. For starters, there are two sets of rows for odd and even-numbered reels. In addition, the game uses the Cluster Pays mechanic that replaces winning symbols, meaning more potential wins from a single spin.

Instead of simply falling down, symbols land and move diagonally until they come to a stop. As such, you can think of these more like marbles than slot symbols.

Stars of Orion Information

Reels: 8

Slot Provider: ELK Studios

Paylines: N/A

Slot Theme: Space

Volatility: High

Main Bonus Round: Free Drops

Free Spins?: Yes

How to Play Stars of Orion Slot

Set Your Stake
When you first launch Stars of Orion, you’ll be able to play with the default stake. If you wish to change this, click on the coins icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. This game supports wagers of between £0.20 and £100 per spin.

How to Spin the Reels
Click on the spin button to start playing Stars of Orion. This button is located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Click the spin button and if you’re able to land a win, then the amount will be added to your balance.

Stars of Orion Bonus Features

Free Drops

Landing three or more Bonus symbols will trigger the Free Drops bonus round. This bonus is played out with 10 free spins, or drops, as they are referred to in Stars of Orion.

During this bonus, the Magic Meter continues to fill up with every new winning combination. This makes it easier to activate higher multipliers and other bonus features.

If you land three Super Bonus symbols, you’ll trigger a similar bonus round that will instead feature a greater likelihood of Super symbols.

Magic Meter

During both the base and bonus games, the Magic Meter fills up every time there is a winning combination on the reel. As it reaches different stages, it unlocks higher multipliers and Magic Features.

In the base game, the Magic Meter resets back to zero whenever a round ends.

Magic Features

The other features which are attached to the Magic Meter are Orion’s Wilds and Symbol Swap. When the Orion’s Wilds feature is activated, extra drops are launched, and wild symbols drop in the pattern of Orion.

If the Symbol Swap feature activates, this will switch the position of two or more symbols to create at least one winning combination.

Super Symbol

Super Symbols are ones with a blue outline. These symbols have the ability to spread in order to merge with winning clusters and form Super Clusters.

Stars of Orion Slot Review

It’s quite extraordinary to see a smaller brand develop such an intriguing and enticing slot as Stars of Orion. The combination of Cluster Pays and diagonal drops makes each spin a thrill, especially as you watch symbols find their resting place in the hope of creating even more winning clusters.

Overall, the slot’s visuals are stunning, whether you’re playing this game on your computer screen or a mobile device. The soundtrack accompanies the game well, keeping you engaged without becoming overbearing.

Another great reason to play Stars of Orion is its bonuses. Numerous bonus features and special symbols are scattered throughout the game, which can combine to reward you with the 10,000x top prize. Even if you don’t receive the highest payout, you’ll still be treated to a truly entertaining experience.

You can, and certainly should, explore more of ELK Studios’ innovative creations. , for example, presents an alien-themed adventure, whilst promises to deliver much more than your five-a-day.

Stars of Orion FAQs

What is the maximum win in Stars of Orion?

The Stars of Orion slot can pay out up to 10,000x your stake in a single paid spin. This top prize can be won by activating the Free Drops bonus and landing a steady number of cluster combinations. This, in turn, will boost the Magic Meter and deliver some of the slot’s special features.

How many paylines are in Stars of Orion?

The Stars of Orion slot does not have any paylines. Instead, winning symbols are paid out
when five or more identical symbols land next to each other in the form of a cluster. When this happens, the winning combination is paid out, and then all affected symbols are replaced.

What games are similar to Stars of Orion?

If you enjoy space adventures and are ready to go on your next one, we recommend playing by NetEnt and by Big Time Gaming.

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