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The Reel King is back in the hunt for regal riches in what is one of our most popular online slots. The original Reel King slot was released in 2003 but is still popular to this day, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Inspired Gaming have delved deep into the archives and found a way to turn a retro classic into a modern-day masterpiece. You may recognise the symbols used from the original slot and but the main differences come from the bonus rounds of the slot. Alike to Reel King Mega, the bonus is activated by filling the screen with yellow reels; however, in Reel King Megaways, every time the reels cascade an additional reel turns yellow. This means that six cascades in a row will guarantee players entry to the bonus round. There are three different Reel King bonuses here that can reward a different number of Free Spins and “Reel Kings” for players to utilise. The Reel King is a miniature reel which progresses players along the trail at the top of the screen. The further along the trail players go, the more Free Spins they receive.

Reel King Megaways – FAQs

How many paylines are there in the Reel King Megaways slot?

There are 117,649 paylines available to players if they maximise the size of the reels in Reel King Megaways.

What is the difference between the Reel King, Super King and Mega King features?

Each feature provides players with an additional Reel King to spin the reels with during the bonus feature, the better the bonus the further along the trail bonus the average player will go. This also provides an upgrade on the maximum number of Free Spins that can be won during the bonus.

Why is Reel King Megaways so different from Reel King Mega?

Reel King Megaways is made by a different provider – Inspired Gaming – while Reel King Mega was created by Red Tiger who developed the game using the original Novomatic slot. Inspired have taken the game and added a dynamic twist on the slot by adding the popular Megaways feature.

What differences has the Megaways feature made to Reel King?

The style brings very similar changes to most games but it is the individual features that make each slot unique. Here are the three biggest changes in Reel King Megaways.

Reels have expanded to 6 (+1 horizontal reel) rather than the traditional 5 reel, 3 row format.

The number of paylines available to players has dramatically increased.

The bonus round now incorporates an increasing multiplier and has the upgraded Reel King features.

What is the biggest win I can land on Reel King Megaways?

If players manage to have a successful Mega King bonus round it is possible for players to land up to 10,000x their stake.

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