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Prepare to search for regal riches and royal rewards in this revamped Red Tiger . The original Reel King slot title inspires this game, but this version has the Red Tiger Gaming unique stamp upon it.
Reel King Mega will transport you to a mysterious kingdom filled with falling golden coins. Upon the royal reels of this red tiger gaming lot, you will find high-paying symbols in the form of a golden coin bag, a King’s K and a Queen’s Q.

The lower paying symbols appear as cherries, blueberries, 10’s and J’s. Keep an eye out for the yellow reels behind the symbols, as five of these will trigger the Reel King feature, which can enhance your winnings. In this game, you will be given five slot machines that can become active and award payouts. If you see a spinning crown bounce onto the reels, it will transform random symbols into wilds for more chance of a win.

How to Play Reel King Mega Slot


The stake button is found at the bottom left of the game window and will allow you to change your stake per in Reel King Mega. The “+” and “-” buttons on either side of the stake will increase or decrease your total bet, respectively. Players can make bet sizes to suit their budget, with the minimum stake being 20p per spin whilst the maximum is £200 per spin.


When you are ready to begin your search for riches in the King’s land, the spin button will send the reels into motion. This button is found at the bottom right of the game window, with every reel rotation giving the chance to activate the Reel King Feature or the King’s Crown.


If you need any help in the King’s territory or just want some more information about the game, the pays button will tell you everything you need to know. This button can be found at the top right of the screen and will explain bonus features as well as which is the scatter symbol, how the wild symbol operates and what other symbols can offer an expected return across the reels.

How to Win in Reel King Mega Slot

Like many of the slot games we have in our collection at Slot Boss, players can win in this game by matching the game symbol across the game screen. Like other casino games, wild symbols can enhance your potential winnings and also help to attain the maximum payout in the bonus feature.

Reel King Mega Slot Game Features

If you’re looking for the features hidden with the reels of this game, then take a look below, and you could be playing for jackpot prizes.

Reel King

Watch out for the reels being highlighted in yellow because five of these will trigger the Reel King feature. When this happens, between one and five Kings can appear upon your reels. The King will hold his own slot machine, which he will spin for a guaranteed win and continue to do so until a losing spin occurs.

If the King lands three red sevens on a reel, you will win 25x your stake, three yellows will win 10x your stake, and three blues will win a 5x stake. If you land three mixed-colour sevens, you will be given a 2x stake. Once all the Kings have finished spinning, the feature will end.

King’s Crown

Every time the reels stop spinning, you will have the chance to activate the King’s Crown bonus feature. When this activates, the crown will spin and bounce around the game reel, hitting one or more random symbols. The symbols that the crown touches will be turned into Wilds for possible extra wins.

Reel King Mega FAQs

Q. What is the volatility of Reel King Mega?

This slot has low volatility, so if you’re looking for slot games that pay out more frequently but at smaller rates and still have the potential to provide you with a jackpot win, Reel King Mega may be what you’re looking for.

Q. How does Reel King Mega compare to Reel King?

The introduction of Reel King Mega has modernised what was once one of the most popular retro slots in the world. The original slot was very popular, but for fans of our modern slots, it was slightly dated – enter Reel King Mega, which brought improved graphics, gameplay and better bonus features. All in all, Reel King Mega is definitely a worthy upgrade on the original slot.

Q. What is the theme of Reel King Mega Slot?

The theme of Reel King Mega is retro, and players will see that when playing the game. Reel King Mega does a fantastic job of maintaining the classic theme from the original slot while managing to implement tonnes of new modern features for players to enjoy.

Q. Can I use any of my casino bonuses on Reel King Mega?

If your ‘My Promotions’ page contains a casino bonus specific to this game, then you will be able to use it.

Q. Can I play Reel King Mega slot on Mobile?

Yes, like all of our slots, this game can be played on a screen of any size, so whether you’re looking for the bonus rounds or trying out a new slot game, you can play on to go or at home.

Online Slot Game Review: Slot Boss Says

Reel King Mega slot offers a new unique twist on what has become an all-time slot great. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve played the original slot because this offers something for beginners and experienced players alike. A classic slot soundtrack combines classic slot symbols for a simplistic yet effective experience.

The regularity and randomness of the King’s Crown bonus keep every spin interesting here. What you should really look out for is the Reel King feature, as this is your best bet of winning the royal riches that the slot holds. If you like Reel King Mega, you may want to check out other Red Tiger slots in search of jackpots; why not try and ?

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