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We’re back aboard the Money Train with Relax Gaming in Money Train 2. However, this slot has significantly more winning potential than the original , the maximum win has been upgraded from 30,000x your stake up to a whopping 50,000x your stake.

However the biggest upgrade players of this online slot come is the bonus game and more specifically the Money cart bonus feature where 11 symbols can offer even more winning potential for players. That said, if you’re looking for more bonus games, there is also the respin and and win multipliers on offer.

Our favourite aspect of the Money Train slot series comes in the form of the game’s aesthetics, the slot perfectly captures the western theme and adds a calming soundtrack that takes you to a desecrated desert town with the shady symbol characters as its inhabitants.

How to Play Money 2 Train Slot Game

Set your Stake

Before spinning the reels in the main game of Money Train 2 slot, players will first see the train pull on to the reels. Following this, they will need to choose their stake for each spin and this can be done by clicking the (+) and (-) buttons either side of the total amount.

Spin the Reels of Money Train 2 Slot

After choosing your stake, players can spin the reels of this slot game from Relax Gaming by pressing the spin button in the middle of the reels. Winnings from each spin will be added to the balance shown at the bottom of the screen. If you trigger the Money Cart Bonus Round, players will be taken to an alternative game screen.

Money Train 2 Train Cart Bonus Feature

The main bonus feature on offer in Money Train 2 slot is the Money Cart bonus round and for to be triggered, players will need to land three of normal bonus symbols which act as the scatter symbol on the paylines on offer.

Before the bonus round begins, players will need to choose which of the special bonus symbols will land during the feature and they will have the choice between two bonus symbols which are the gold bonus symbol or silver.

Both of the symbols within the money cart feature provide players with different potential values when they land. The silver with multipliers between 1x and 10x your bet and the gold symbol with multipliers of 20x and 500x your initial bet.

Select a symbol and progress to the bonus round, during which there are ten symbols which can land on the reels. Some of them maybe new symbols to players unfamiliar with the Money Cart slot genre, but we’ve listed all of the symbols below and what bonuses you could achieve.

The Multiplier Bonus Symbol

The special bonus symbols can offer visible values which will be shown across the reels when they become active. Players will need to choose their desired multiplier amount whether its behind the golden bonus symbol or the silver before the spins will become active.


Taking the form of a western cowgirl, she will fire a gun and reveals a value, this bonus symbol will then be add to other visible symbols currently on the board.


Reveals a value as part of a multiplier which the symbol will add to all multipliers currently on the board, the collector will then collect all visible values and add it to its own value.


This bonus symbol performs both the actions of the Collector and Payer. So whether its adding multipliers to visible symbols or adding to the symbols and its own values, you’ll be awarded a specific amount


Fires shots to double the multiplier of a random number of bonus symbols, some symbols can double multiple times.

Reset Plus

Re spins can be triggered in the bonus round and these will come into action when multipliers land on the reels. During this feature multiplier and increases the starting value of spins by one.


Brings previously used symbols back to life (doesn’t count for persistent symbols).

Persistent Payer

The persistent payer errforms the abilities of the Payer symbol at the end of every spin.

Persistent Collector

Performs the abilities of the Collector symbol at the end of every spin.

Persistent Sniper

Performs the abilities of the Sniper symbol at the end of every round.

Money Cart 2 Review

If you’re looking for a western-themed slot that offer high winning potential from all of the visible symbols on the reels, look no further than Money Cart 2. Featuring re spins and high action bonus game with gold bonus symbols on offer this slot from Relax Gaming

Money Train 2 FAQs

Q. What is the volatility of the Money Train 2 slot?

The volatility of this slot is very high, ranking at five stars out of five.

Q. How many paylines are there in the Money Train 2 slot?

There are 40 paylines in this slot game.

Q. What is the max win on offer in the Money Train 2 slot?

Players can trigger a huge win of up to 50000x their stake in the base game of this slot

Q.What is the size of the slot reels in the Money Train 2 slot?

The Money Train 2 slot can be expanded, but it begins at 5×4 in size. During the bonus round, two additional reels can be added to expand the slot to 7×4.

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