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Select the slot paytable to view the Lucky Halloween game information such as the value of all symbols within the slot, Bonus features and the winning lines within the slot.

Bet/Stake per Line

Select the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to increase or decrease the total stake within this slot per line.


Select the spin button to set the reels into motion!

Lucky Halloween Slot Bonus Features

Full Moon Bonus

When the moon is in full view, that means good news for you! In the Lucky Halloween slot, the dead of the night is the best time to make money, as the Full Moon Bonus will be in full effect! This Bonus will be triggered by landing on 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. When triggered, you will be taken upon a trail that will lead to the top of the tower, rewarding you with increasing multipliers along the way. Reach the top of the tower and you will achieve a multiplier of up to 800x!

Pumpkin Tree

Climb this Tree for multipliers of up to 20x your stake! The Pumpkin Rider will light up a random number of lanterns on the tree, equating to different amounts of multipliers.

Free Spins

Land 3 Free Spins symbols to unlock the freaky Free Spins in this slot! When activated, you will be shown a screen with 3 cauldrons which you will have to choose one, which will reveal the number of Free Spins you have won.

Special Reels

At any time during your spins, the Pumpkin Rider may appear on screen and provide you a massive win by turning the entire reels full of high value symbols!

Mega Wild

Like the Special Reels feature, the Mega Wild feature may also occur at any time within the slot. When activated, a gigantic 3×3 Wild will dominate the reels, ensuring a huge payout for you!

Random Wilds

The Pumpkin Rider may pass the reels along the way on your slot escapade, and when he does he may have a treat for you! As he rides past he will remove his head and throw it above the slot reels, creating several smaller pumpkin heads that can stick to the reels as they fall.

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