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What is Three Card Poker?

Three card poker was born out of a desire to create a poker game that moved along at a fairly brisk pace. It had to be easy to understand and offer lucrative payouts if the gaming public was to embrace it, and that’s exactly what the game’s inventor came up with. Three card poker is extremely easy to learn and offers just enough volatility to make for sizeable payouts.

Live Three Card Poker in our casino presents this immersive game in a live, online environment brought to you by video and computer technology. When you login to a game, you’re instantly connected to the game studio where you’ll encounter a live dealer standing behind a real table and dealing real cards.

The game is played exclusively against the house rather than other players. But Live Three Card Poker allows an unlimited number of players to all play at the same table simultaneously. Live video keeps everyone connected with the dealer and the house hand, while video game technology allows each player to make his or her own decisions.

Throughout the game all the action on your screen is being played out in real time. You are making your decisions in direct response to the cards being dealt. So are all the other players at the table. No one has an unfair advantage because everything is happening as you see it.

How to Play Live Three Card Poker

The rules of Live Three Card Poker are really simple. Every player must ante up to get in on the next hand. Additional play and side bets are also established before the cards are dealt. Once all bets are in place, the dealer deals three cards each to the player and the house. The player can then either fold or place an additional wager to continue playing.

This is followed by revealing the house cards and evaluating winners and losers. Once all the winners have been paid, the hand concludes and the process starts over again. A complete game consists of playing all the cards in the shoe.

As a side note, the dealer in Live Three Card Poker must have at least a queen high to play. Otherwise, the hand goes to the player and the payout is 1-to-1 based on the value of the ante. The queen high requirement is one of the rules that makes three card poker such a fast-paced game. A good dealer can keep a Live Three Card Poker game moving along quite briskly.

Live Three Card Poker offers two optional side bets described in the next section. Note that the side bets must be made before the cards are dealt. They are straight win or lose bets that are not affected by whether the dealer qualifies to play.

Live Three Card Poker: Special Features & Bonus Play

In terms of special features and bonus play, Live Three Card Poker has plenty to offer. Let’s start with the Ante Bonus. This is an extra cash payout given to players who get a straight or better regardless of what the dealer holds. To win this cash prize, you have to play the hand to the end. You cannot win if you fold.

Live Three Card Poker plays with a side bet known as the Pair Plus. When you take this bet, you are betting that your three cards will contain at least a pair or better. You win an extra payout depending on what your hand actually contains. The payout is larger on straight flushes, three of a kind, etc.

One last side bet offered in Live Three Card Poker is the Six Card Bonus Bet. Making this bet says you think you’ll form a strong five card hand by combining your three cards with the house cards. You must get three of a kind or better to win. Payouts are based on the hand you form.

Three card poker is one of the fastest forms of poker in the casino gaming world. Thanks to our relationship with Evolution Gaming, you can now play Live Three Card Poker at our casino. This highly entertaining variation of poker keeps the pace of play moving along while you enjoy optional side bets and a chance at big payouts. Could poker be any better?

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