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About Honey Rush

Join the Colony of Bees at Slot Boss and take a look at Honey Rush. This slot follows a slightly less conventional means of playing, but if you’ve tried out some of our and found the gameplay intriguing or believe it suits you better than the standard layout of slots, then you’ll probably find Honey Rush is a game for you. It’s incredibly unique to find a cascading grid slot in the shape of a hexagon with 37 places for symbols to land on the reels. The symbols included in this slot are: Bronze and Silver coins, flowers, Golden coins and sparkling Diamonds. It also includes Worker Colony, Drone Colony, Queen Colony and Rush Meter features, along with Sticky Honeypot Wilds! All of these bonus features ensure that no two spins will ever be the same on Honey Rush with multipliers, clusters and level-up systems also in place.

How to Play Honey Rush

How to Set Your Stake

If players are looking to spin the Honey Rush slot, they first must set their stake using the stake bar at the bottom of the reels. The bar has a number of set stakes for players to utilise but they can also use the – and + symbols to move up and down the stake bar. Players can also find their balance to the left of this stake bar.

How to Spin

Once players have set their stake, they can then choose how they would like to spin, their first option is the manual spins which begin as players press the green spin button.

Honey Rush – Bonus Features

Rush Meter

Players will notice that after every winning combination the Rush Meter will increase, this can be charged up to four levels, which means that Honey Rush can actually reward players for the longevity of their session. Here are the four levels and the changes they make to the reels once activated:

Level One – Activated using 20 winning symbols, this triggers the Drone Colony feature and adds a sticky wild symbol to the grid.

Level Two – Activated using 40 winning symbols, this re-triggers the Drone Colony feature and adds another sticky wild symbol to the grid.

Level Three – Activated using 80 winning symbols, this re-triggers the Drone Colony feature and adds another sticky wild symbol to the grid.

Level Four – Activated using 160 winning symbols, this triggers the Queen Colony.

Colony Features

This feature can be randomly triggered on any non-winning spin or via the previously mentioned Rush Meter feature. The symbol in the middle of the grid is selected and cloned to create a massive winning cluster, the type of Colony changes the symbols and can only be activated in certain ways, they are:

Drone Colony – Gives players a cluster of approximately 7 symbols, which can differ.

Worker Colony – Creates a cluster ranging between 7 and 15 symbols. This can only be triggered on non-winning spins.

Queen Colony – Provides a cluster ranging between 20 and 37 symbols.

Honey Multipliers

The fantastic sticky wild substitutes for all symbols but can only appear on the second ring of symbols and contains multipliers ranging from up to 3x. When a winning cluster appears, the sticky wild will drop before new clusters appear on the reels. Up to three sticky wilds can appear on the reels at any one time.

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The Boss Believes

The Boss wants to offer one of the most unique gaming experiences available to all players and Honey Rush is one of the games that provides him with those opportunities. With a plethora of fantastic bonus rounds, a very unique and gimmicky setting and brilliant playability, we believe that Honey Rush might even be as good as the fantastic Beehive Bedlam which is highly regarded as the standard-bearer for modern-day slots with this type of style. If you’re looking for other unique games to play, try out our or the .

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