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About Giza Infinity Reels

Giza Infinity Reels is a one of a kind and by that we’re not talking about the Egyptian theme, thankfully we have plenty of that on site. What we mean is Giza Infinity Reels is the first Infinity Reels slot created by the Australian developer, Reel Play, to be put on Slot Boss, which meant that before our first playthrough we had virtually no idea what to expect from the slot and by the end, we were not disappointed. We start off with a reel layout of 3×4 on top of the background of the sand kingdom of Giza. The 3×4 layout can appear to be a little underwhelming when players first enter the slot but that is where the Infinity Reels come in. Now, if you’re wondering What are Infinity Reels?, this is definitely something you’ll want to read.

This is one of our best online slots and one reason for that is the Infinity Reels. In order to win on Giza Infinity Reels players must land clusters on the 3×4 reels, but as players land a win with a symbol on the final reel, another reel is added to the slot. This continues until the extra reel fails to produce a symbol which produces a winning cluster. Once players hit Infinity Reel number 15 they receive the fantastic jackpot of 888x their stake! That’s right, not only is Giza Infinity Reels one of a kind, but it is also one of our .

How to Play Giza Infinity Reels

How to set your stake

In order to change your stake on the Giza Infinity Reels slot players must click on the three line button on the right side of the slot and choose the selection of three coins from the pop up screen. This will provide players with up to 12 options for their stake.

How to Spin the Reels

Once you’ve selected your stake, click the back button to re-enter the slot and click the spin button to spin the reels manually.

Giza Infinity Reels: Bonus Features

Free Spins

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing retro slots or some of our newest slots, there is one feature that has stood the test of time itself – Casino Free Spins. The reason for that is the innovative ways that providers improve the Free Spins bonus round over time and the Infinity Reels is another fantastic example of that. In Giza Infinity Reels, a winning cluster that includes Pyramid symbols will trigger the Free Spins bonus round, players will receive 10 Free Spins and a win multiplier that can be upgraded by landing consecutive wins on the reels. For every win you land, the amount a multiplier will increase by will be one and for every losing spin it will decrease by one, but your total multiplier will either increase or stay the same for all ten spins.

There is also the option to gamble. Spin the reels for a 50/50 chance of either doubling or halving your winnings. If you win, you can try again to possibly earn increased wins at the risk of losing your x2 winnings and having them drop to just x1.

The Boss Believes: Giza Infinity Reels slot review

When it comes to our , Giza Infinity Reels is one of our top slots, simply due to the fantastic Infinity Reels feature which we can’t wait to see in Reel Play’s future games. The Giza theme is fairly standard for an Egyptian slot, but that is exactly what some players will want. The gamble section at the end of the Free Spins bonus round and the 888x Jackpot are fantastic features that turn a good slot into one of our top casino games. If you’re looking to try out some other slots why not check out our or one of the most popular games of all time – ?

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