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About Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire

These fire breathing beasts have been hoarding their shimmering treasures for thousands of years, will you emerge from the dragon’s lair with a share of their spoils? You will not be unaided in your quest for riches, the brooding beast’s eggs can provide mystical multipliers on unsuccessful attempts to breach the lair.

Featuring a unique progressive feature on unsuccessful spins, this 3×3 from Pragmatic offers the chance to land some huge wins alongside simple yet engaging gameplay. For each spin that does not yield a win, a counter will increase by 1 – this will unlock various features as the counter increases, you can find out more about these features below in the Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire Special Features section.

How to Play Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire

Total Stake
Edit your stake by using the plus and minus buttons on-screen. The minimum bet for a single spin is £0.05, the maximum bet is £25.

When you have selected your desired stake size, press the spin button to make a single spin at your chosen stake value.

Selecting the three horizontal lines symbol will open the game’s menu, where you can view information regarding the game rules, paylines, symbol values and the progressive counter feature here.

Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire Slot Special Features

Progressive Feature

For each spin that does not yield a win, a counter will incrementally increase starting from level 1. After four unsuccessful spins, the next level is unlocked, which will offer a range of multipliers. The range of multipliers available will increase as the levels increase, which has the potential to reach up to 50x at the highest level. The levels and multipliers will remain until a winning spin is achieved, after which these will return to level 1.

Slot Boss Review

Despite its simplistic 3×3 reels, Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire offers players an engaging experience through its unique progressive counter feature. At the higher levels, this feature gives players the opportunity to secure some huge multipliers and big wins. In terms of design, this gets a huge thumbs up from us. The high-value symbols and wilds are aesthetically engaging and alongside the innovative multiplier egg symbols, add to the immersive dragon hunting theme of this .

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