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About Coils Of Cash

The nineteenth century was an essential time for humanity which led to the progression of technology that we see every day. However, a testament to this is that if you said to someone: “create a slot that resembles the greatest minds of the 19th century”, it would look similar to Coils of Cash. Everything to do with this slot is unique, from the 6×3 reels through to the bonus round of the slot. Fire up the generator and spin the reels to begin your gaming experience and progress through three brilliant bonus features. However, that’s not all, this slot contains many brilliant reasons to play, including:

1. The slot has a mixture of modern and retro bonus rounds, with the Free Spins bonus round bringing a familiar feel to the game. Simultaneously, the addition of the Power Coil feature provides massive multipliers, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before here at Slot Boss.

2. Looking for massive multipliers? Then look no further than the brilliant Coils of Cash slot, which provides players with a massive potential multiplier of up to 625x – leading to a potential max win of 30,000x your stake.

If you’re looking for something different to the traditional that you have played in the past, then you’ll want to give Coils of Cash a spin.

Coils Of Cash Bonus Rounds:

Cascading Reels

If you asked us what feature made our brilliant, we’d say the Cascading Reels feature, which has manifested itself into the vast majority of fantastic online slots today.

This means that whenever a winning combination is formed on the reels during a singular spin, those symbols will be removed from the reels and subsequently be replaced with new symbols. This gives players the opportunity to land more wins on the reels consistently.

Free Spins

Landing three or more electricity orb scatter symbols on a single spin will trigger the Free Spins bonus feature for players. Three scatters will award players with 10 Free Spins, but additional scatters can provide players with as many as 25 Free Spins.

However, the main element of this Free Spins feature comes in the form of multipliers and the final bonus feature in this slot, which is the Power Coil bonus

Power Coil

There is a horizontal reel at the top of the reels and this is the Power Coil. Look familiar? It will if you’re a regular player of our Megaways slots. The difference between this and a typical horizontal reel is that wilds can only appear on this reel. This will also introduce multipliers to the game, as symbols cascade down and increase the multiplier to the above reel. The multiplier for each reel can rise as high as 5x. So, if players land the max multiplier of 5x on all reels, it will offer 5-squared. We’ll save you from doing the maths; it’s 625x.

How to Play Coils Of Cash

How to set your stake

If you’re looking to spin the reels of Coils of Cash, you will first need to find a stake that suits your experience. Identify your bankroll and determine your stake. The default stake is £1, but this is easily changed by clicking on one of the stakes at the bottom of the reels.

How to spin the reels

Once you have selected your stake, all that is left to do is spin the reels.

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