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Most of our online slots take place during an exploration, but Arcane Gems occurs afterwards as the mysteries of the discovered treasure are unlike anything we’ve seen before on Slot Boss. This slot has a unique first-person view as the player is sat looking down on the treasure box that is placed on the table with coins, maps and exploration tools around the box. With the graphics, atmosphere and music behind the slot, there is an element of mystery that you rarely see in slot games.

The Layout

The contents of the mysterious treasure box is a 5×3 slot with five openings above each reel. There are nine pay lines that players can utilise to win on Arcane Gems. However, this slot does not play from right to left or left to right. Players can land symbols anywhere on a pay line, if symbols lock in place the reel will respin and if more symbols land, multipliers may appear.

What the creator thinks

“By modelling the whole game in 3D, we can give a much deeper immersion in effects and the whole gaming experience.”

“Our goal from day one was to create a feast for your eyes in colour and light. We pride ourselves on creating the shiniest gold and gems in the business.”

Tor Jager, Lead Artist

Arcane Multipliers

To unlock Arcane Multipliers, players must first initiate the Arcane Lock feature which occurs whenever a player lands a winning combination, the symbols are then locked into position, and the reels are respun. If more of the locked symbols land on the reels, another respin will occur and if not the feature will end. So where does the Arcane Multiplier feature enter the fray? If players manage to land a full reel of locked symbols, they will notice that the segment above the reel marked with a blue X changes into a numbered value, this value determines your multiplier.

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The Boss Believes: Arcane Gems slot review

From the moment you enter this slot through to your last spin, Arcane Gems has elements of intrigue and mystery. However, the gameplay is what makes the slot stand out, without a clear bonus round it would be easy to turn your back on this game and not try it out, but with the fantastic multiplier feature that could occur on any spin the slot has more than enough to show its strength. If you’re looking for online slots with good bonus features check out the or .

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